Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wooden Boy

So today I started doing some character sketches for my wooden boy poem. I also added a few lines to the poem as well. It felt incomplete, and needed an ending. I'm not a huge fan of adding backgrounds to anything for some reason. I just seem to really just care about characters, and I think when they alone exist in space it makes for a nice image. Here is the new poem as well as the character sketches. Let me know what you think !

The wooden boy who told no lies. He was poorly made but never cried. He did his good, he tried real hard. Becoming a real boy wasn't very far. He had a few laughs, a beer and a smoke. Who ever though a wooden boy could tell a dirty joke? It happened to be more than even his conscience could stand. When the blue fairy heard there was trouble at hand, she did what she knew best and called on the axe man ! It wasn't that hard to be very good. Now the wooden boy is just a log of fire wood.


Tomás Serrano said...

I like your sketches! Very good hand.

VIncent Scala said...

Thank you Tomas !! I don't get many visitors to my site, but I'm trying to update daily !, please check out my other postings !