Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rusty Robot

So creating something everyday is not as easy as it may look ! I found myself for the past two days struggling with what to write about and illustrate, while at the same time caring about it, and keeping it dark - whoa ! In light of my love for the Twilight Marathon on New Years Eve, I decided to dedicate this one to the Sci -Fi in all of us ! Happy New Years. Enjoy !!

Louis the robot lived a lonely life. He had no robot children or a robot wife. He stands in the rain, shine or wind. He's never had any visitors, he never had any friends. He sits in the junkyard where was first put together. Louis waves to the parked cars, falling leaves and feathers. No one ever answers or helps make him feel better. All he ever wants is for someone to say hello. For now he must wait and watch the rust begin to grow.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stronger Arrows

Trying to do an illustration and a drawing everyday is a lottttt tougher than it seems. But it's great practice and it has forced me to produce something everyday which I love. I'm waiting for some pens in the mail before I begin the finishes on these pieces. I would love to make compilation of all my little poems and illustrations into a book ! (I can dream !) The trend so far has been to a darker side with my stories, and I like that. I am going to keep it going down this route because it keeps it unique in a darker side of children's artwork. I do not mean to make artwork that is for children either, When my pen hits the paper this is what comes out !, Might as well not hold back. Today's illustration means a lot to me and for those of you who know me will understand why. Enjoy !

Vincent loved Kristen for a very long time. To get her to notice him he began speaking in rhyme. He showered her with flowers, candy and gifts. She never even noticed his new shirt has a small rip. He swooned and he dreamed of some time with this fair maiden. She was gift from above, a girl sent down from heaven. Even Cupid had come to try and help this poor fellow. He shot her many times with his love potion arrows. Hoping his love would soon seep into her skin. Kristen passed by Vincent like a spec in the wind. After all his tries, attempts and tricks. She didn't even notice that he barely exist.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sock Monster

NO matter howwww detailed and organized you do your laundry there is always bound to be a missing sock. It never fails. The smaller of the sketches is actually with a nib fountain pen. I love the gritty look of pen on paper and would like to have my finishes of all these poems as pen (good pen) on good paper so i thought i would give sketching with a nib a shot ! Wasn't too difficult but still need some work on it. Practice makes perfect anyway.

Everyone knows about the infamous sock chomper. Lurking the night and eating from your hamper. He likes one from your lucky pair and two with a pattern. If your up late at night, you might even catch him. The smell never bothers his nose, because he doesn't have one. He wears them on his horns like a stinky hat. They taste even better for breakfast, especially the ones with the holes in the back. If you want to keep your lucky socks, you should beware. Once they come off those precious feet, he'll find that special pair.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Pet Show

As an animal lover, i always try to incorporate pets. Especially dogs!! I'm not a huge fan of cats, but they always seem to make great illustrations. Enjoy !!

The annual pet show of P.S. 242. Bring your cat or dog and show us what they can do! The dogs chase a ball, the cats are dressed in pink. There's always a kid with a goldfish leaning over the sink. Patty kept saying her pet Morris is really unique. He looked like a cat, he purrs like a monster. Patty said when she found him, he was only the size of a lobster. He eats regular cat food, or tuna in a can. When they go for their nightly walks he drinks water outside the power plant. Morris keeps getting bigger, and has been starting to grow more arms. I think first prize should fit him like a charm.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Greatest Caper

So forcing myself to write a short poem everyday as well as an accompanying illustration has been going well so far. 3 days and counting !!... Tonight I watched a marathon of the original Pink Panther movies. These are incredibly funny movies, even 40 years later ! It inspired me to create something thief related. Enjoy !!

Ah the story of the greatest mini caper. Known by all from the headlines of newspapers. If you turn your back, he'll even steal your stapler. He's stolen all of the great gems and treasures from around the globe. He was only eight, but never did what he was told. Sneaky as could be, he was the best, even the police would agree. Then one night at the Museum De France. The mini caper had his final chance. His eyes were on a mysterious plant from Brazil. Man-eating to be exact but who could tell. When he lifted his prize and basked in his glory. The plant was hungry. End of story!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Lucky Rabbit

So, haven't had the greatest year, or the best luck at all! In honor of one of the worst years ever I figured I would sum it up.

The luckiest rabbit in all the land, he may not have legs but he sure has two good hands. He finds his lucky shamrocks and closes his eyes, picks his pennies and rubs them on his thighs. Of course he misses his legs and his feet, but they're in better hands now. A gift for unlucky pete.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wooden Boy

So today I started doing some character sketches for my wooden boy poem. I also added a few lines to the poem as well. It felt incomplete, and needed an ending. I'm not a huge fan of adding backgrounds to anything for some reason. I just seem to really just care about characters, and I think when they alone exist in space it makes for a nice image. Here is the new poem as well as the character sketches. Let me know what you think !

The wooden boy who told no lies. He was poorly made but never cried. He did his good, he tried real hard. Becoming a real boy wasn't very far. He had a few laughs, a beer and a smoke. Who ever though a wooden boy could tell a dirty joke? It happened to be more than even his conscience could stand. When the blue fairy heard there was trouble at hand, she did what she knew best and called on the axe man ! It wasn't that hard to be very good. Now the wooden boy is just a log of fire wood.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year, New Art, New Goals

So, I have never really posted much of my writing or thoughts on this website. I was always interested in doing it, but never took a real stab at it. For the new year, I have set many high goals for myself as an artist and would like to share my thinking process with you. As you can see from my previous postings, most of my artwork is very clean (line wise) as well as colorful. From here on I have decided to do what I reallllyyy love to do. Write my rhyming poems, and draw with grit and raw line work, because nothing makes me happier than sketchy artwork. I also tend to have a dark side of humor with my work. So enjoy !!

So after seeing the Princess and the Frog, which was good but not great, I started thinking about how amazing the old Disney films are, such as Pinocchio. It is one of my favorite films. It is beautiful in every which way. The wooden boy becoming the real boy can have many meanings, here is my stab at Pinocchio (literally). Hopefully, will bring this to finish !

The wooden boy who told no lies. He was poorly made but never cried. He did his good, he tried real hard. Becoming a real boy wasn't very far. He had a few laughs, a beer and a smoke. Who ever though a wooden boy could tell a dirty joke? It happened to be more than even his conscience could stand. When the blue fairy heard there was trouble at hand, she did what she knew best and called on the axe man !

Friday, July 24, 2009

Devil's Food

I used this new paper called "yupo" to do the inkwork - AMAZING PAPER !!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Sketches

I wish I stopped putting doing more drawing/finishing art off as much as I do. I have tons of ideas for shows and art in general. I need a permanent fire under me. The little sleeping boy is an idea I have about kids and nightmares. The other is just a cool character illustration idea.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Sketches Part 2

This is the second part to the Chloe sketches. There is also a sketch of a boy in a car which is a new initiative that I'm working on !!

New Sketches Part 1

These are some sketches I have been working on for a Children's Story/Book that i wrote. This is the worlds first introduction to Chloe And Her Bunnies !!

Monday, March 02, 2009