Friday, February 26, 2010


Siamese twins are not always two and the same. One has no heart and one has no brain. Two heads aren't always better than one when one can barely think, and the other is in love. Siamese dolls and siamese cats. Everything comes in pairs when another head is attached.

The Flood

The rain was coming fast. It was an unstoppable event. Not sure when it would stop, flooding soon filled their heads. SAlly put on her rain gear, boots all set to go. She built a small boat out of an old tub and a row. As the water started to rise she zipped up her coat. The rising water brought some large waves that gave her a jolt. Her rickety boat would never stay afloat. Whisked away in the rising sea. There would be no more land, or even any trees. Her boat finally gave way, all that was left was a shoe. There would be nothing for miles, in the endless sea of blue.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skeleton Man

The skeleton man who lived a lonely single life. After death he decided he wanted a wife. He found the perfect bride. Her bones were well in tact. They decided to be married. He was finally on the right path. He chose the finest tux in all of the undead land. He even fixed his bow tie with another skeleton's hand. He waited and waited for his bride to be. There wasn't another skeleton in sight. The wind sang a lonely melody. The skeleton man who lived a lonely life. Nothing would change whether he was dead or alive.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

XR 9000

The XR 9000, any child's best friend. It did everything they wanted, and was the new trend. All little boys and all little girls had the XR 9000, it was the newest of twirls. It did all your homework, it played all sorts of games. It even made you a hat, in case it started to rain. All was well and going smooth. The XR 9000 started to make some unsuspected moves. It's buttons changed functions. It wouldn't obey and commands. Then came the mind control plates that launched on the children's heads. From here on out the XR 9000 was through. It was the computers turn to tell you what to do.

Magical Koi

The magical Koi fish who swam the mystic river. Once an ancient king who refused to get old and wither. His wish was granted with the help of some magic. The rest of this tale becomes a little tragic. Living forever in the chilly waters of the streams. The ancient kings life was more than he dreamed. He was safe from the world and hadn't a care in sight. Till one fateful day he mistook a hook for a bite. Caught in the line and mistaken for fresh fish. The ancient king was next served on a dish.


After 100 years of science and 100 years of travel. We finally made it to Mars to see what we can unravel. There wasn't any water or fuel for our cars. They do have many large rocks which can't take us very far. No intelligent life or plants to spare. There are lots of monsters and really bad air. Nowhere to run and no place to go. This forbidden planet is now my new home.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Down the Drain

Bobby was afraid of getting sucked down the drain. It's happened before and the legend has always been the same. You step inside and let the water run. Once it fills up it pulls you deep in the tub. Through the pipes and into the ocean. The drain has taken you in a single motion. Holding his breath with his ducky held tight. Bobby stepped in and vanished out of sight.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sock Puppet

The monkey sock puppet who was delicately made with love. He's become slightly ragged. His stripes not nearly as dove. Left at the bottom of the closet of the den. This new addition is having trouble fitting in. The other socks are lifeless. They have no buttons or ears. There is not fluffy stuffing, he's nothing like his peers. They smell and their dirty. Their patterns quite bland. All this puppet needs is a small helping hand.


In the heart of the jungle a hunter seeks his prey. A new mount for his wall is why he's searching today. This large exotic creature has never been seen by man. A legend of the jungle. Even the local tribes fear its command. The hunters moving slowly, listening to the land. There's a rustle in the bushes, this could be my only chance. I hear heavy breathing, I'll be the first to have a glance. I'll take a step back, I want a good shot. I feel its heavy breathing, deep in my heart.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It was the worst blizzard I have ever seen. Snow was flying everywhere. Even in-between. I have been walking for hours, trudging through the snow. Where I was, I would never know. Hoping I could see any familiar sight. The shimmering snow was my only source of light. Colder and colder my body is getting weak. If I don't find my way, I'll be frozen here for weeks.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dog Pound

The sole puppy left in the pound. Wandering away from home I wound up lost and found. The kind and loving family that I thought I once knew, haven't come to rescue me. I feel like a lost shoe. Time is running out. They better get here fast. Dog's that aren't puppies don't seem to last. No one wants an old dog. WE sleep from dusk til dawn. I hope my family finds me, I don;t have very long.


One day a small lump started growing on my arm. I didn't know what to do, it really wasn't any harm. The lump got bigger and bigger. One day it grew an eye. I kept it tucked under my shirt, but then it got a stye. Now it started talking. IT wears a top hat on its head. I always wanted a brother, I got a lump instead.

Valentine Dinner

The happy man with his beautiful wife. They made a great dinner well equipped with ice. All went well from beginning to end. The chicken tasted great. The salad chilled and petite. The bread warm and toasty. It was a buttery treat. The loving man forgot his wife was allergic to wheat. The fluffy white gold enamored her plate. A taster for her love is all she would take. ON his way to the table, dessert in hand. His wife was keeled over, bread in her hand.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Skeleton Zoo

Every night in the cemetery the skeletons roam the grounds. They are looking for a home that can never be found. Not sure where they are, not sure what to do. When the sun sets in the cemetery, it becomes a skeleton zoo. Some are friends and loved ones, others once were pets. Don't disturb the skeletons, for they easily get upset. If you see a skeleton hanging around a grave. try not to get frightened. You will meet them there one day.

Mount DuBlanc'

The famous race at Mount DuBlanc'. Happens every year and cannot be stopped. A race to the top of this steep french mountain. Pierre DaFoe thought no one would catch him. He's never won a race, never finished his final lap. He kept a lucky rabbits foot tucked away in his cap. His pint sized car with rocket speed was a very fast machine. Fast I tell you. Fast indeed. Pierre took the lead all the way to the top. Caught up with his victory he didn't think to stop. Off the mountain his car flew and flew. Pierre's last lap was finally through.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dark Trees

It's the only way home. I have no other choice. Through the dark forest, you would never hear my voice. The trees are dark and heavy. They never grow any leaves. Their spiny long branches, will make you stop and heave. The spirits inside make you weak at the knees. I hold my breath. I swallow my pride. It's the only way home. I hope I make it out alive.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

No Milk

Dolores the cow was very unique. A milking cow who made no milk to speak. The farmers all left her alone in the pasture. Hoping one day she'd be served with mashers. Her only known purpose was to make milk for all. She couldn't make milk, but it wasn't her fault. Dolores was useless as a cow used for milking. The farmers would grind her right up for cooking.

Long Lost Love

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His long lost love he was bound to find. She came and went, but never slipped his mind. She stole his heart right from his chest. He would rather have her than take it back. He packed his things and off he went. To find his love, it was time well spent. He searched all the land, high and low. Reached the end of the world to find a little note. It was attached to his heart, she had left no more tracks. It wasn't his heart that he wanted back.

Shy Boy

Be kind to the boy who is quiet in class. For you may never know what kind of powers he may possess. You can bully him around, he'll never answer back. After you made your move, he'll get you with a snap. You may feel a little queasy, then you look around. You arm is now a monster, dragging you to the ground. The little shy boy who does what he's told. Don't push his buttons, he may send you to another world.

Sea Of Monsters

In the sea of monsters, all is not well. There isn't a creature floating that won't scare you out of your shell. Some breathe fire, others latch onto your skin. Some are so black with evil, you don't even get a chance to swim. Enter the sea of monsters, you'll have a nice surprise. It might not come in a pretty box, but I can guarantee you many eyes.

Nine Lives

There's a good reason cats have nine lives. They come and steal your soul when you look into their green eyes. When they cross your path, you should stay very calm. Don't let this fury creature jump into your arms. Thats when they steal your soul and put it in a bottle. If that bottle isn't filled, your in for some trouble. Beware that cute little cat who has many many lives. He might just trick you into looking at those big bright eyes.


One day my pickle jumped right up off my plate. HE said he'd grant me wishes if i let him run away. Oh the many wishes I would want to have. Giant lizards and monsters to help me rule the land. I could be a hundred feet tall and shoot fire from my mouth. INstead I'll eat this pickle before he runs right out. I poked him with my fork and chewed him into bits. I haven't eaten a pickle that taste better since.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Candy Striped Witch

Sorry I have not been posting much past few days. I have no internet service at the new place yet !!!! Enjoy !!

The long legged witch with candy striped thighs. Evil as could be she terrorized the skies. Haunting and bothering the pleasant people in town. They ran to the wizard to stop their endless frowns. He summoned a tornado to come down from the skies. Go home and sleep, do not worry or cry. I will take care of this, run off to bed. For when they awoke, there was a house on that witches head.