Thursday, January 28, 2010


Even though moving has been my priority and I really cannot think straight this week, I feel like many of my recent poems have been about love. Mostly lost love. Enjoy !!

Waiting for his love that he once lost. The boy on the rock knew his only cause. He would wait for her return, whether she knew or not. He would sit and wait on that giant rock. The wind would blow, the rocks drift in the sand. The boy would never be happy unless he held her pretty hand. No one in the distance. No one on the horizon. Waiting for his love, it would be real quiet.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Caged Bird

Just had a little extra inspiration. Another poem !!

The little bird in the little cage. Whistles along til the sun takes a break. Sleeps and eats on the same old pole. Day after day never changing its role. Year after year it follows it's routine. This little bird will never enjoy a new scene.

Old Bear

IT has been a verrryy busy week. I am moving and my mind could not think about poems. It has been very robotic. Move-Build-Move. Todays art and poem is kind of an indirect tribute to my love for the Winnie The Pooh books. When I was working at Disney (before being kindly laid off) I was working on a special WTP project, read all of the books, which are amazing. Here is an indirect sad tribute !

The old bear in his attic chest. Comes to life while you are at rest. Thrown next to the chewed up fox. This bear wanders the attic deep into thought. Will he leave or is this the end? Will this bear ever be loved again?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Kid

New in school and new in town. Josh McCloy rarely frowned. A good little boy who did his best. He made his bed and passed all his tests. No one would speak to him or give him a chance. Josh would always be the new kid in class. He would make no friends, or have anyone around. Josh made his first, never ending frown.

Lonely Ghost

It has been a crazy week. I am moving this week and my mind is everywhere !!! I did not get a chance to create a poem yesterday so I decided to create 2 for today !! Enjoy !!

The lonely ghost of little Troy. Struck by a train when he was a small boy. The first to be buried under the large oak tree. The only ghost lurking in the dark cemetery. Time passes by and nobody visits. THere are no other souls who know of is existence. Seasons still chance, the grass still grows. Its hard to be the only ghost you know.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Four English Guys

I have always wanted to do a Beatles tribute as I am always inspired by their music when I work. I finally have come up with something. !! Enjoy !

The four english boys who loved to sing. They wore matching suits and their guitars would ring. They were unstoppable, their music a blast. They were on top of the world, on it real fast. Tragedy struck these lovable friends. Four became three, then two in the end. They all grew apart, their music soon died. They were never the same, those four english boys.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Coffee Bean Monster

Coffee is something that most people need in their everyday life I do enjoy coffee, but I do not need it to survive. There are some creatures that do ! Enjoy ! Please leave comments !!

The coffee bean monster of the peruvian shore. Preys off coffee beans, but doesn't eat much more. This sneaky ground dweller has a horned front bill. They grab those beans from your precious morning fill. Next time you have your lovely cup of java. Check on the ground for this bean eating monster.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This was my original post for yesterday. Hope you enjoy this, it is one of my favorites !!

Birthdays are great, they come once a year. This little boy had a different idea. Instead of celebrating with his friends in his home. His decided he wanted to have his birthday alone. He ate his cake and opened his gift. Nobody watched or cheered him a bit. After a while on his birthday throne. The boy finally realized. He's spending his birthday alone.

Baby Bottle

I decided to create another post for today ! Enjoy !!

Rock a bye baby, on the tree top. You cry for your mother when your bottle drops. Im here when your sleeping. I watch you when your awake. No need to be afraid, one day we have a date!

Arctic Cold

I passed a Titanic Expedition at the Discovery Museum in Midtown today. This had me thinking about the real Titanic Story. Enjoy!

The arctic cold has an eerie chill. There is ice for miles and the waters still. I am the one who lurks in the deep. Unknown to the world, I like my beauty sleep. When intruders pass, I sink their glorious ships. The icebergs get the blame, I use your bones for toothpicks. When you feel a breeze, know I am there. Lurking the arctic sea of fear.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pin Cushion Man

I actually created another poem today but left it at work !!, I will pst it tomorrow along with a new one as well. Nothing wrong with 2 in a day ! I really love the pin cushion man from the old Ub Iwerks Cartoon. This is inspired from that short !

The pin cushion man who felt no pain. He held his pins tight deep in his brain. He performed his daily duty and stayed out of trouble. Until one day he spotted a bubble. Beautiful and bright, round and sleek. This love at first sight would be hard to keep. He begged and he pleaded with his new round love. Fate would be defeated by its sharp ended hugs.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Freddy's Garbage

It's getting close to midnight !!!, but I have come through again with another poem !!!! Under pressure they always come through !! Please leave comments ! Enjoy !

Freddy hated garbage. He hated it oh so much. Freddy decided one day, enough would be enough. He built a living compactor to eat all his old junk. It ate all of Freddy's garbage, and chewed it into a chunk. He then ate all his pillows, and all of his dress shoes. It finally ate Freddy. What else should a trash compactor do?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Still pretty tough to come up with some new stories every day, but I'm pushing on. Im trying to use all sorts of inspiration for my stories. Hope everybody enjoys !. Comments are greatly appreciated.

Henry was a good boy who was seven years old. He put away his toys and did what he was told. When the moon is at its brightest Henry doesn't feel that right. He grows fangs and claws and hair out of sight. Normally Harry is quiet and shy. When the moon is in the distance, I wouldn't stand nearby.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


I have been extremely busy lately. I almost forgot about my illustration today, but luckily found a few minutes to come up with one. I watched the soloist last night( not such a good movie ), and this sort of inspired from it. (sorta) !! Enjoy !!

Kimberly had everything she ever wanted. She was good at most things, but that wasn't the problem. Kim wanted to be the best violin player in the world. She practiced and played but was still nowhere near her goal. She offered to sell her soul to the devil. Of course he accepted, why would he care. It would be nice to have some lovely music to his ears, down below in the dark places most people fear.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Boogey Man

Everyone has had a moment when they look across their room because they thought they saw something. What if what you saw was real. I am really excited about how many poems and illustrations I have come up with so far. I will definitely keep going. I hope to start some finishes of the artwork soon though, otherwise I will need to do a bunch each day just to keep up with myself.

He lurks inside your close when the bedroom lights go out. The sight of just his shadow will make you scream and shout. Scare you while your sleeping, you think that he's not there. He watches every move you make, the boogey man is well prepared. When you think you see him, try and stay real calm. Once he gets a hold of you, there's no use in screaming for mom.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I have been seeing a lottt of nutcrackers on sale in most stores. Its that after holiday push to get rid of all holiday goods. This got me thinking about Nutcrackers and their usage. Enjoy !!

The sad and lonely life a nutcracker lives. It gives its heart and soul to cracking walnuts into bits. They're stores in dark boxes, only to awake to the cold and bitter nights that winter gives way. Used in its glory only a few times a year. What other purpose does a nutcracker have here?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tea Time

I was talking with a few people lately about horror films. I am a huge fan of horror films and love fear. I think it is one of the strongest emotions we have. I have an incredible fear of dead children (thank you "the shining"). Enjoy !!

Tea is at four. Crumpets at ten. There's always a few visitors now and again. Ethel would talk, her imaginary friends would listen. They were always around, little Bobby and Kristen. The tea was great, but Ethel was misled. Bobby and Kristen weren't imaginary. Her new little friends were dead.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Today's illustration is inspired from someone important to me that I lost last year.

The local giant of the ancient hills. Carried a golden heart, but loved to have his thrills. He'll lift your house to see inside, jump on his back and go for a ride. Scared to death of his monstrous size, the people of the village decided it was time. They gathered ten men and ten sharp sticks. They took the giant down and tore him to bits. That was the fall of our giant friend. His golden heart meant nothing in the end.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Voodoo Doll

I am a huge fan of toys, dolls and children's play objects. They mean so much us when we are children, but those toys souls never really do leave us do they ! Enjoy !!

The loving doll of Madame Lareau. The voodoo queen who resides on the river blue. All she wants is to be your friend. Once she is yours, she is yours til the end. If strange occurrences start to happen, remember this doll has powers which you can never imagine. Always be kind to your little doll, for if your not you may take an unfortunate fall.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So tonight I had the pleasure of watching one of my favorite horror films, Psycho. Thus really is a beautiful movie. The shots are great and Hitchcocks story and suspense are amazing !! Todays story is a direct inspiration from the film. Enjoy !!

Little Norman always did what mother said to do. He brushed his teeth and tied his shoes. He parted his hair and pressed his shirt. Even if it was all right, she still made him eat dirt. Norman loved to stuff animals, especially birds. One day mother will surely get her turn.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Tortoise and Hare

I was just doing some thinking about racing today probably because I received my new amazing RC car (yes I am 5 !!). It worked out for the best though !! Hope you enjoy todays work !!

The infamous tale of the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise always wins, the hare never really cared. Time and again he'd lose those races. After a while, the hare just couldn't take it. He was shamed in the forest and to all of his friends. Hare knew what to do this would be the end. He wouldn't have to race or get a new pair of shoes. It just so happened that hare took a liking to fresh turtle soup!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Love Songs

Todays artwork is something that is pretty meaningful toe me. I have listened to my Beatles collection over 10000 times already, and I envy the ingenious songs they have. Here is a sad love song tribute to them.

The saddest song ever written was by a young boy whose heart had been bitten. HE sang for his love, for whom he held high above and yet she never wanted or needed him. They boy's happy love songs became sad and alone, as did he when she left in the distance. He still plays everyday, hoping she may actually want or miss him.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Balloon Boy

I really do not pay attention to the news (most of it anyway), and did not know much about the balloon boy story besides the fact that it was a huge scam. But what if it wasnt...... !!!! I also have to mention that lately the illustrations have been coming out much faster. My idea becoming an image in one shot has been going well. I think this is a big breakthrough as an artist !

All little boys want to fly. Only a few will ever give it a try. Some jump off couches, others jump in the air. Most will just dream and not even care. This clever boy knew what to do, blow up the biggest balloon and let it fly you. Up up in the air he soared and he sailed, flying through clouds this plan would never fail. On and on, further he went. Well that balloon never did come down and he was never seen again.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Longggg dddaayyy !!! Almost missed my deadline to post for the day !! So todays inspiration came directly form work. I was working on a Dora episode which had a gnome garden. Gnomes in general are interesting so here's my take on them !

Garden gnomes live under backyard fountains. they take care of our gardens but that's all we really know about them. Don't ever try to hunt them and catch them. They hide in the bushes, they hide in the trees, if you get too close they'll bite at your knees. These little gnomes aren't as friendly as they seem.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Today's illustration came to me last night while watching TV. Funny how things hit you in the strangest places. Enjoy !!

Be Kind to your sister, for you may never know. She might be a mad scientist in a pretty dress to show. You may torture her dolls, and pull on her hair. When you are asleep, you would never know she was there. She'll play with your brain, maybe even give you a new one. When your sisters a mad scientist, this is how she has her fun!

Monday, January 04, 2010

Pig King

Today has been a hectic day. Busy weekend, and heading into Nickelodeon for some Dora work. Today's poem was fun to draw and work on ! Enjoy !! Please comment like usual !!

Come with me my pudgy friends, for I am the pig king sent to save you from the end. Hop along my wondrous train, take a trip and never worry again. This pigs followed along, excited for their adventure. Maybe they would eat lavish foods, it would be such a pleasure. Off they went far in the distance, soon to be the end of their existence. It was hard to tell and difficult to see, but the large pig piper happened to be the bacon king !

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Considering how cold it has been today, I cannot recall how I came up with a summer themed poem, maybe its wishful thinking. I would really like to thank everyone for the encouragement on this massive undertaking, it really means a lot to me. Enjoy !! Comments are always deeply deeply deeply appreciated !!

Summer is here, oh boy!, oh joy!. The most wonderful time of year for all girls and boys. Trips to the beach, vacations all around. Don't you just love that fresh ocean sound. All is quite well when swimming the ocean blue. I forewarn you beware of the fish that may want a nibble or two. They may pick at your fingers, the may chomp at your toes. Depending on their last meal, they might even bite off your nose. Who knows when the last time these creatures have eaten. Next year in the school yard, you may never be seen again.

Saturday, January 02, 2010


I'm not too sure about this one. I think its slightly lighter than the rest but can still fit in with them. Let me know what you think?

The abominable snow creature from Timbuktee, has a thing for lost shoes but that's between you and me. Collecting what he finds on the side of the mountain. He loves his special finds, and could not live without them. When hikers see him come out of his cave. They jump out of their shoes, some even their grave. There's a pile of left and pile of right. Shouldn't a snow creature just have a snowball fight?

Friday, January 01, 2010


Happy New Years Everyone !! - Even though I reallly wanted to be lazy and kill my hangover today, I forged on in a dark room with a sloppy pen to do my drawing and poem for the day. Hope you enjoy !!

Jeremy loved to eat. It was his favorite hobby. When he ran out of donuts, he ate his best friend Bobby. Donuts and footlongs, diet soft drinks on the side. Jeremy couldn't stop, it showed in his size. The bigger he became the more he ate. There was never enough that he could fit on his plate. He never had a preference in food as you can plainly see. If he did, I tell ya he wouldn't have eaten me!