Thursday, January 07, 2010

Balloon Boy

I really do not pay attention to the news (most of it anyway), and did not know much about the balloon boy story besides the fact that it was a huge scam. But what if it wasnt...... !!!! I also have to mention that lately the illustrations have been coming out much faster. My idea becoming an image in one shot has been going well. I think this is a big breakthrough as an artist !

All little boys want to fly. Only a few will ever give it a try. Some jump off couches, others jump in the air. Most will just dream and not even care. This clever boy knew what to do, blow up the biggest balloon and let it fly you. Up up in the air he soared and he sailed, flying through clouds this plan would never fail. On and on, further he went. Well that balloon never did come down and he was never seen again.


Adam Ansorge said...

I'm impressed that you have a story with every one of these:)

VIncent Scala said...

thanks man ! I actually come up with the story before the illustrations usually. I love to write as much as I love to draw !