Friday, January 22, 2010

Four English Guys

I have always wanted to do a Beatles tribute as I am always inspired by their music when I work. I finally have come up with something. !! Enjoy !

The four english boys who loved to sing. They wore matching suits and their guitars would ring. They were unstoppable, their music a blast. They were on top of the world, on it real fast. Tragedy struck these lovable friends. Four became three, then two in the end. They all grew apart, their music soon died. They were never the same, those four english boys.


Gwenn said...

Oh, but their music didn't die!!! But I love the blog!

Adam Ansorge said...

aaa!!!!! BEATLES!!!! kill em kill em!!!! good stuff Vincent!

VIncent Scala said...

its just beatles inspired gwenn !!, You know i love their music :)