Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The sneeze

I really would like to thank everyone who checks out my blog and reads my short poems. I feel like I have gotten out of my system this project and am starting to create final versions of these poems/illustrations. I will still be posting other work as I cannot stop creating lately !! Enjoy !

Jason had a cold. It wouldn't go away. He sneezed and he sneezed till the end of the day. Along came a big one and out it blew. He head exploded. That's what a sneeze can do.


The mysterious thing that sat on the curb. Where did it come from? Does it speak any words? It might be a spaceship. It might eat me for a snack. What should I do? I hope it never comes back.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


The greatest superhero ever around. Always saved the day and never had a frown. Conquered all evil no matter how hard. His heroic career didn't get too far. Jumped off the tallest building when he heard a loud cry. One small thing, he wasn't able to fly!

Creative Block

Staring at his blank canvas with nothing to paint. The starving artist can no longer wait. SCratching his head and flooding his mind. No inspiration or words can describe. Running through his thoughts with no place to go. HE will go insane if the work does not flow. An artist can't create if he has nothing to show. That empty white canvas will eat at his soul.


Karen's fear of bunnies was nothing to joke. Their beaty little eyes chased her till she broke. Furry and fluffy they want to cuddle till the end. Karen would just cry, she never wanted to be their friend. One day they would get her. It's what they were meant to do. After Karen you should be running, before the bunnies get you too.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Peg Leg Pete

Peg Leg Pete. The most feared pirate of the seas. A hook for a hand, a wooden block for a knee. No fear in his heart, no blood in his veins. Hunting for treasure is how he eases his pain. He only uses one eye to navigate the seas. In the belly of a squid is where he will be.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Not all fairies are cute little friends. Some have four arms and tentacles for hair. They will not grant you wishes or put bows in your hair. They are selfish little demons, who don't even care. Razor sharp teeth and claws that dig deep. They sneak in your bed and bite you in your sleep. Next time you see a fairy flying overhead. Check to see if its friendly, for it might leave you for dead.

Blind Owl

An owls stare can leave you still in your step. They watch you through the night, even if there is no one left. Under the dim moon light the owls play as we sleep. This wide eyed owl has no vision to speak. You may see him staring as you wander the deep inot the wood. If your in need of help, this blind owl will do you no good.

Friday, March 05, 2010


Caleb was hung in the middle of Town Square. Hung fro being a witch, but he didn't care. They burned his body, pretended he never existed. You can still hear his cry when the wind whistles. He would haunt their souls, even after death. Their children would pay for their evil mishap. If Caleb was a witch, he was quite strong. For a witches spirit lasts very long.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Swing Belly

The fuzzy swing belly that roams the summer nights. Tall and wobbly you want to hold it real tight. It's adorable features can pull you right in. Play with its tails or pet its soft skin. Give it a hug your in for a surprise. Wrap you in its arms and eat out your eyes.

Fresh Flowers

Picking fresh flowers can be quite a charm. Especially picking them with someone special on your arm. The smell of fresh flowers can lift you above. Picking them is worthless when you have no one to love.

Monday, March 01, 2010


The albino striped vampire who roams the garden of death. Floating around with large horns on his head. Feeding off the lost souls that rest in their place. This blood thirsty vampire goes searching the graves. TRy not to be caught near this hungry demon. He'll snatch you with his claws and you won't be leaving.


Gerald loved his books. They had become his new best friend. On many new adventures, the excitement would never end. Until one day a problem would impede. Gerald my boy, had forgotten how to read. Over and around. Turning the pages till the end. Unless he remembered how to read, he had lost his only friend.


The shallow sea monster who guards the shores. Takes care of the pearls that sit at its door. They make wonderful necklaces and look great as a gift. Grab a pearly wonder and your fingers may cease to exist.


The boy who loved cereal. He ate it four times a day. All was normal until a piece jumped and said "hey". You eat all my family, you eat all my friends. If you keep up this pace there will be no more cereal left in the land. Not knowing what to do the boy did what he knew best. He popped the piece in his mouth and chewed it like the rest.