Sunday, January 03, 2010


Considering how cold it has been today, I cannot recall how I came up with a summer themed poem, maybe its wishful thinking. I would really like to thank everyone for the encouragement on this massive undertaking, it really means a lot to me. Enjoy !! Comments are always deeply deeply deeply appreciated !!

Summer is here, oh boy!, oh joy!. The most wonderful time of year for all girls and boys. Trips to the beach, vacations all around. Don't you just love that fresh ocean sound. All is quite well when swimming the ocean blue. I forewarn you beware of the fish that may want a nibble or two. They may pick at your fingers, the may chomp at your toes. Depending on their last meal, they might even bite off your nose. Who knows when the last time these creatures have eaten. Next year in the school yard, you may never be seen again.


Adam Ansorge said...

what's with the arrow pointing down from the girl's mid-section?

VIncent Scala said...

it was just a note to lower her onto the ground in final !

Jorge said...

verrrrryyyy interesting.


VIncent Scala said...

thanks Jorge !! Happy new year hope all is well in Cali !!, This is going to be a big continuous project that I would like to compile in a book !