Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sock Monster

NO matter howwww detailed and organized you do your laundry there is always bound to be a missing sock. It never fails. The smaller of the sketches is actually with a nib fountain pen. I love the gritty look of pen on paper and would like to have my finishes of all these poems as pen (good pen) on good paper so i thought i would give sketching with a nib a shot ! Wasn't too difficult but still need some work on it. Practice makes perfect anyway.

Everyone knows about the infamous sock chomper. Lurking the night and eating from your hamper. He likes one from your lucky pair and two with a pattern. If your up late at night, you might even catch him. The smell never bothers his nose, because he doesn't have one. He wears them on his horns like a stinky hat. They taste even better for breakfast, especially the ones with the holes in the back. If you want to keep your lucky socks, you should beware. Once they come off those precious feet, he'll find that special pair.

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