Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Greatest Caper

So forcing myself to write a short poem everyday as well as an accompanying illustration has been going well so far. 3 days and counting !!... Tonight I watched a marathon of the original Pink Panther movies. These are incredibly funny movies, even 40 years later ! It inspired me to create something thief related. Enjoy !!

Ah the story of the greatest mini caper. Known by all from the headlines of newspapers. If you turn your back, he'll even steal your stapler. He's stolen all of the great gems and treasures from around the globe. He was only eight, but never did what he was told. Sneaky as could be, he was the best, even the police would agree. Then one night at the Museum De France. The mini caper had his final chance. His eyes were on a mysterious plant from Brazil. Man-eating to be exact but who could tell. When he lifted his prize and basked in his glory. The plant was hungry. End of story!

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