Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Stronger Arrows

Trying to do an illustration and a drawing everyday is a lottttt tougher than it seems. But it's great practice and it has forced me to produce something everyday which I love. I'm waiting for some pens in the mail before I begin the finishes on these pieces. I would love to make compilation of all my little poems and illustrations into a book ! (I can dream !) The trend so far has been to a darker side with my stories, and I like that. I am going to keep it going down this route because it keeps it unique in a darker side of children's artwork. I do not mean to make artwork that is for children either, When my pen hits the paper this is what comes out !, Might as well not hold back. Today's illustration means a lot to me and for those of you who know me will understand why. Enjoy !

Vincent loved Kristen for a very long time. To get her to notice him he began speaking in rhyme. He showered her with flowers, candy and gifts. She never even noticed his new shirt has a small rip. He swooned and he dreamed of some time with this fair maiden. She was gift from above, a girl sent down from heaven. Even Cupid had come to try and help this poor fellow. He shot her many times with his love potion arrows. Hoping his love would soon seep into her skin. Kristen passed by Vincent like a spec in the wind. After all his tries, attempts and tricks. She didn't even notice that he barely exist.


Karleke said...

Did Kristen ever accepted this "poor" fellow? Beautiful story

Aimzsta said...

Love the daily drawings, it is great practice and an inspiration to me and I'm sure many others. I had intention to do this kind of thing at some point, admittidly day to day life and the internet (yes I'm an addict) sometimes hold me back from thse kind of things. In 2010 I will make time for daily drawing. Love the story too :)

VIncent Scala said...

Carlos - I think so !

Aimzsta - Thanks ! I have seeen your work many times and its great ! Especially love the photo stories. It took a long time to actually force myself to do this. It really is rewarding though ! Please come back and visit !