Monday, December 28, 2009

Annual Pet Show

As an animal lover, i always try to incorporate pets. Especially dogs!! I'm not a huge fan of cats, but they always seem to make great illustrations. Enjoy !!

The annual pet show of P.S. 242. Bring your cat or dog and show us what they can do! The dogs chase a ball, the cats are dressed in pink. There's always a kid with a goldfish leaning over the sink. Patty kept saying her pet Morris is really unique. He looked like a cat, he purrs like a monster. Patty said when she found him, he was only the size of a lobster. He eats regular cat food, or tuna in a can. When they go for their nightly walks he drinks water outside the power plant. Morris keeps getting bigger, and has been starting to grow more arms. I think first prize should fit him like a charm.

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