Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Year, New Art, New Goals

So, I have never really posted much of my writing or thoughts on this website. I was always interested in doing it, but never took a real stab at it. For the new year, I have set many high goals for myself as an artist and would like to share my thinking process with you. As you can see from my previous postings, most of my artwork is very clean (line wise) as well as colorful. From here on I have decided to do what I reallllyyy love to do. Write my rhyming poems, and draw with grit and raw line work, because nothing makes me happier than sketchy artwork. I also tend to have a dark side of humor with my work. So enjoy !!

So after seeing the Princess and the Frog, which was good but not great, I started thinking about how amazing the old Disney films are, such as Pinocchio. It is one of my favorite films. It is beautiful in every which way. The wooden boy becoming the real boy can have many meanings, here is my stab at Pinocchio (literally). Hopefully, will bring this to finish !

The wooden boy who told no lies. He was poorly made but never cried. He did his good, he tried real hard. Becoming a real boy wasn't very far. He had a few laughs, a beer and a smoke. Who ever though a wooden boy could tell a dirty joke? It happened to be more than even his conscience could stand. When the blue fairy heard there was trouble at hand, she did what she knew best and called on the axe man !

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